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Box: Team-Liste

Displays a freely configurable list of team members in the sidebar.
1 33

Darkwood.Design: Branding-Free-Licence

Entfernt den sichtbaren Hersteller-Verweis aus allen Stilen von Darkwood-Studios.
1 18

Gamification: Benutzer-Fortschritt mit Benutzerlevel

Use the user level for the progress bar within the gamification box instead of the user rank.
1 8

Gamification: Benutzerlevel

Users can rise in level through their activity and remain motivated and active.
2 8

Modern Shoutbox Pro

The popular Modern Shoutbox has been completely redeveloped for flexible and professional use and offers even more possibilities for your individual community.
5 17

Newsletter und E-Mail-Kurse

Provides an easy way for visitors to subscribe to a newsletter or email course.
12 10

Stil: Professional Clean

A modern design in clear colours and appealing layout for an individual community.
1 16

Style: Clubline

A dark design in eye-catching colors and modern layout for a breathtaking community.
2 7

Style: DarkMode

A dark design in contrasting colours and an appealing layout for an individual community.
2 25

Style: Hero

Ein hochwertiger Premium-Stil, der mit viel Liebe zum Detail gestaltet wurde.
3 4

Style: Recore

A professional design in harmonious colors and appealing layout for an individual community.
3 7

Style: Softlight

A lightweight design in friendly colors and modern layout for a creative community.
2 8

VieCode Hashtags - WoltLab Suite: Timeline Integration

1 10

Who's on?

A modern alternative to the "user online" box.
4 23

WoltLab Suite Ticketsystem

An comfortable ticket system for reporting support tickets and software bugs.
4 29

WoltLab Suite Ticketsystem: E-Mails importieren

Incoming emails to defined email addresses are automatically created as new tickets.
4 4

WoltLab Suite Timeline

The WoltLab Suite: Timeline provides a new user wall which is functional based on the facebook timeline.
7 27

WoltLab Suite Vorschläge

This extension offers your users the possibility to create, like and comment feature suggestions. These can be reviewed by a moderator.
5 13